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What To Expect

puppy1.png Our first priority is preventive health care. The foundation of preventive health care is the physical examination. Exams are scheduled based on your pet’s age and health needs.

Annual exams will include a full physical examination “from nose to toes” , any recommended core vaccinations and a fecal exam for internal parasites. We will discuss your pet’s weight, oral health, diet and any behavior changes that may be occurring. Have any special questions? Just bring them with you.

For our canine patients, we also recommend annual heartworm testing, heartworm prevention and seasonal flea and tick prevention.

For our feline patients, ALL new members to your family should be tested for FelV/FIV before being introduced to the other household feline members. Cats that go outdoors should be vaccinated for FelV as well.

As our pets age, their health needs change. Blood work, urinalysis and radiographs are important tools in assessing health status.

We promote a FEAR FREE Experience. If your pet is overly fearful during a visit to the vet, call us before hand. There are ways to make the experience more pleasant for everyone.

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  • ""I've been going here for almost 10 years now and I continue to go even though I moved from Los Lunas to Albuquerque 2 years ago. It is worth my time to be treated so nicely by everyone on the staff and my cats always get the best care. I love this place!""
    Denise Musgrove